Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Canadian Reptile Market?

The Canadian Reptile Market is Canada’s Premium Reptile Classifieds Website dedicated to creating a sufficient environment for the buying and selling of Reptiles on any scale.


What is our company’s goal?

The Canadian Reptile Market’s goal is to provide value to Canada’s Reptile community through making the process of buying and selling Reptiles an easy and straightforward task for Businesses or Hobbyists.


Who can use the Canadian Reptile Market?

Anyone can use the Canadian Reptile Market, regardless if you are a Commercial store or a Pet owner. Our easy to use search database and simple Ad posting process are designed to offer the highest User simplicity possible.


Is Canadian Reptile Market free?

Yes, Canadian Reptile Market is free to use. Additionally, we offer paid features for users who are looking to have their Ad be noticed by more people.


What animals can be sold on this website?

Any Reptiles, Amphibians, or Invertebrates may be sold on the Canadian Reptile Market.


What does the Reptile Services Category entail?

The Reptile Service Category is made for businesses looking to offer their Reptile Party Services or Rescues and Adoptions who take in Reptiles that are unwanted or require immediate rehoming.


What features are available to make your ad stand out?

The feature available to make your ad stand out include:

Featured Ad – Receive up to 5x more views by having your Ad on the Gallery of the first page and being seen at the top of each page in its category.

Highlighted Ad – Have your Ad stick out from the rest through being highlighted bright yellow in the Search Pages.

Bump Your Ad – This function allows your Ad to be auto-bumped to the top of the first page every 24 hours for 7 days.


What is the Breeders page?

The Breeders page is Canada’s ONLY Reptile Breeder and Business directory that is made for Reptile Breeders and Businesses who breed and sell Reptiles. The Breeders page makes it easy for an individual to find a Breeder who is working with a specific Species of Animal or View what a Business has for sale.


I am a breeder, how do I get a Breeder page?

To have a Breeder Page select the Breeder Subscription upon registering.


What are the two different ad levels?

The two different Ad levels entail:

Hobbyist – The Hobbyist level allows you to post your Ad for free, making it great for Reptile owners and Breeders with small colonies to post their animals for sale. You get up to 5 pictures in your ad. Additionally, you have access to Feature or Highlight your Ad for extra.

Professional – The Professional level allows you to post your Ad for $10. Your Ad will be Featured and Highlighted in the category posted, and be seen on the Featured Ads homepage gallery. Professional Ad levels are great for medium to large scale Reptile breeders and Canadian businesses that want to get the animals they sell noticed by Canada’s Reptile community.


Do you have a question for us?

Feel free to contact us through our Contact Us page and we will get back to you shortly.


What do we have planned for the future?

In the near future, we plan to have Reptile Auctions! Stay tuned.


Do you have a Hobbyist Membership and want to get a Breeder Page?

If this is the case, send us a message from the "Contact Us" page and our support team will change your membership. 


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