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The Canadian Reptile Market is Canada's premium Reptile classifieds website dedicated to creating a sufficient environment for the buying or selling of Reptiles on any scale. Regardless of being a small-time pet owner or a commercial store, our easy to use search tools and simple profile system create a pleasant experience no matter the task. Additionally, our support team can be emailed at any time if a user is experiencing any difficulties. Our site is ran by Reptile Lovers who only want to help you have the most pleasant experience you can. We understand the needs of passionate Reptile enthusiasts and it is our desire to fulfill them. We are proud to serve you and look forward to creating positive value in the Canadian Reptile Market. 


Our Story: Let's face it, Buying Reptiles in Canada is not an easy task. Other Classifieds websites have limited search options, are outdated and Social Media groups have ads scattered everywhere. As Reptile buyers, we aspired to create a solution that contains all of Canada's Reptiles for sale in an organized fashion.


Our Goal: We want to become Canada's Largest Reptile classifieds website, offer the absolute best service to our customers who use our website and ensure that we help them get their animals sold.


Our Promise: Promise? No. It is a guarantee, we GUARANTEE great service and communication with every user that ever needs to contact us. Regardless of the matter, we will always be there to help you.


Our Team: Our team consists of 5 staff, all being Reptile owners:


1-CEO and Creator: Corey Rittner, an individual who focuses on Arboreal snakes, primarily keeping Amazon Tree Boas, Green Tree Pythons and Emerald Tree Boas.

2-Lead Developer: Philip Gabardo, a brilliant minded web-developer who keeps Various Colubrids such as Rat snakes, Corn snakes and King Snakes.

3-Marketing Officer: Sierra Johnson, An intuitive Marketer, Sierra has a colony of 50 Crested Geckos and various Other Rhacodactylus Species!

4-Support Team: Mark Mansour, the website's go-to support guy who will always offer you friendly service, Mark keeps Leopard Tortoises.

5-Media Manager: Indra Wells, Indra manages the website's social media pages and designs our graphics. She keeps various Dart Frogs and Axolotls.

6-Secretary: Hillary Labeau, Hillary manages our filing and keeps the whole team on schedule! Hillary is a Bearded Dragon fanatic who has two rooms in her home dedicated to keeping them!


Now that you have met our team, we can't wait to meet you! Send us a message telling us all about the Reptiles you keep!


Thanks, Canadian Reptile Market








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