Beginner Animals

Best Animals to Keep For Beginners
-A controversial Topic at times, the best Animals to keep for beginner keepers can be categorized as such:

1) Corn Snakes-Extremely docile, do not get larger than 4 feet, have very easy heat requirements!
2) Ball Pythons-Although shy, Ball Pythons are America's most kept snake and for good reason! They come in thousands of different beautiful morphs and are extremely hardy animals. Males get to 4 feet and Females get to 6 feet!

1) Crested Geckos-These animals are extremely low maintenance, require room temperature (a bonus!) and are very handleable.
2) Leopard Geckos-Leopard Geckos have been popular in the hobby for over 20 years! They require proper temperatures in order to bask and digest their food.

1) Bearded Dragon: A staple in the Reptile Industry, Bearded Dragons reach a great size and are extremely docile.
2) Blue Tongued Skink: Rising in Popularity, Blue Tongued Skinks are social animals who require a large tank with minimal upkeep!

1) Red Eyed Tree Frog: These Beautiful frogs are extremely easy to care for, eat a very minimal amount per feeding and love to hop around!
2: Axolotl: Axolotls have risen in popularity due to their hilarious faces, these animals may not be handled but are a joy to watch!

1: Rose haired Tarantula: America's most popular Tarantula, Salmon Haired Tarantula's are extremely low maintenance and docile pets. They love to cuddle with their owners!
2: Hermit Crab: Hermit Crabs have always intrigued the Invertebrate community, they require lots of shells in their enclosure to always be on the move!

Details for each Animals Care will be Added Shortly!


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