Buying and Selling Tips

How to Make a Good For Sale Ad

Some Tips Are:

-A captivating and Properly describing title
-Having Clear and Visible pictures of what you are selling
-Create a description that properly describes what you are selling
-Give multiple methods of contact information

Is it important to create an Ad that is Easy to Understand?
Creating a Good Ad is extremely important because it will create more perspective buyers for what you are selling through stating what you are selling in a clear, efficient and easy to understand way.

How to Avoid Scams
-Although we push for our website to have sellers be only honest about what they are selling, there are certain aspects of the process that we cannot control and because of this, we offer you, the perspective buyer afew tips on how to avoid scams:
-Always meet a seller in person, unless they are a breeder with a great reputation, you have met them in person before or have collected enough information on them to feel that you can trust them.
-If you are going to purchase an animal before seeing it in person, be sure to get multiple and clear photos, confirm with the seller that that is the animal they are selling.
-Avoid people who look to collect your money as soon as possible, especially if they fail to give you as little information as possible.

The benefits of buying from a Breeder
-Buying from a breeder is the most beneficial method of buying an Animal because:
-You will be purchasing at minimum, a capitve bred version of the animal
-You will know the animals past bloodlines and history
-You will be able to buy with confidence and have someone with knowledge be there if you ever have any questions for the future

Buying Captive Bred Vs. Wild Caught Animals

-Fortunately, many of the species kept by reptile owners today have been produced in high numbers in captivity for over 10 years making the finding of Captive Bred animals an easy task. However, there are afew species kept by reptile owners that are imported on a daily basis. These animals are classified as (WC) or Wild-Caught Animals and means that the animal was taken out of its natural habitat and brought into the pet-trade for reselling. Wild-Caught Animals are always in poor condition health-wise and require an immeidate vet trip upon being imported. Wild-Caught Animals are only to be bought by individuals who have experience with keeping the species that was imported and have purchased wild-caught animals in the past. Always look to buy Captive-Bred (CB) or Captive-Bred and Born (CBB) Animals because they are almost-gauranteed to be in absolute perfect health, will not require a vet-trip upon purchasing, have a history of its bloodlines and are ready to be enjoyed by the purchaser.

Quarantining Your New Animal(s)

-Regardless of your Animal being (CB), (WC) or (CBB) it is always a good practice to quarantine any new arrival that you receive before placing it amongst your collection. Quarantining your animal means placing it and its enclosure in a room where none of your collection resides, until you can verify that your animal is eating great, is active and looks healthy then it is recommended to wait 4 weeks until you place the animal amongst your collection. Additionally, it is beneficial to care for your quarantined animal in your collection last in order to prevent the spreading of any parasites or diseases from spreading. Quarantining is very important because it prevents the spreading of diseasses, parasites or other known illnesses amoongst an individuals collection.


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